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Interview: Judith Clancy

Interview: Judith Clancy

Judith Clancy on Kyoto’s Gardens

Kyoto Gardens: Masterworks of the Japanese Gardener’s Art. Text by Judith Clancy, photography by Ben Simmons. Tuttle Publishing, 2014. ISBN 978-4-8053-1321-3.

Veteran writer and expert on Kyoto, where she has been a resident and member of the community since 1970, teams up with professional photographer Ben Simmons in this lavishly illustrated introduction to selected gardens in the old city.

Judith tells us:
My involvement in this volume is totally due to... more


Two SWET Summer Parties

Two SWET Summer Parties

People interested in the SWET community of wordsmiths are invited to our annual summer social events, happening in both Kanto and Kansai.

Please see details for the SWET/JAT Summer Party 2015 and the SWET Tokyo Summer Party and Special Lecture.

See you there!


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From Book Editor to Thriller Writer: Barry Lancet’s Advice to Aspiring Scribes

From Book Editor to Thriller Writer: Barry Lancet’s Advice to Aspiring Scribes

Jeremy Hill

On May 10, 2015, award-winning author of the thrillers Japantown and Tokyo Kill Barry Lancet spoke about how he moved from a career in editing to writing fiction and offered some pointers for aspiring authors. The lively audience contributed to the experience and insights shared. Our thanks to Jeremy Hill, who wrote this report based on a recording of the talk and feedback from the speaker.

Regardless of genre, Barry Lancet reminded us, the essential qualities of good books are... more

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An Encouragement of Style Sheets

An Encouragement of Style Sheets

Setting your style—for the words in a document, book, report, newsletter, journal, website, or whatever you are working on—gives the product polish and professionalism. For an organization, a good in-house style sheet helps settle arguments authoritatively and expedites the little decisions that have to be made every day. Published style guides provide reliable and time-tested rules for most basic style questions (some examples listed below), but each online or offline publication, client,... more

A Community for Japan-Related Writing Professionals

Based in Tokyo, Japan, SWET comprises people engaged not only in the three professions of writing, editing, and translating, but also in teaching, research, rewriting, design and production, copywriting, and other areas related to the written word in Japan.