Swet Columns

The History of SWET

by Lynne E. Riggs, Nina Raj, and Susie Schmidt

Originally published as “A History of SWET: The First Decade” and “A History of SWET: The Second Decade” in the SWET Newsletter, Nos. 89 and 91 (June and December 2000) and updated for 2005, this is the story of the people and events that have shaped SWET since 1980.

The late 1970s... more

Steering Committee Report

Although many SWET operating decisions are discussed and made entirely online, the Steering Committee does meet from time to review policy and to firm up implementation.

The SWET Steering Committee (SC) met on February 9, 2003. Hugh Ashton, Becky Davis, Phil Ono, Bob Poulson, Lynne Riggs, Doreen Simmons, Fred Uleman, and Cynthia... more