Authors Live in Kobe April 29

Date: April 29, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Place: Bar Iznt, Sannomiya, Kobe,
Fee: Admission free

Four authors reading
Mingling afterwards

Ronni Alexander (Professor, Kobe University) reading a selection from the Popoki Peace Book series; Peter Mallett (Winner, 2016 Writers in Kyoto Writing Contest), reading “Sunset for Dolores” from the anthology Eternal (Hammond House 2017); Deborah Iwabuchi (Japanese-English translator, Minamimuki... more

Swet Columns

Word Wise: Appealing to Your Better Judgment

Word Wise: Appealing to Your Better Judgment

魅力 Miryoku

by Richard Medhurst

Among the versatile words that Japanese copy writers reach for most, 魅力 and the adjectival form 魅力的 are seen particularly in tourism texts. Depending on context, translators could talk about “the appeal of traditional ryokan inns” (旅館の魅力), “the charms of Hakodate” (函館の魅力) or “an attractive town” (魅力的な町). It is also possible to talk about a sight being a particular “tourist draw.”

These kinds of words may not always... more


Workshop: Cultural Translation and the Information Gap

Workshop: Cultural Translation and the Information Gap

by Richard Medhurst

Japanese and English readers come from different cultural backgrounds. References that are familiar to the former, whether from tradition or popular culture, may baffle the latter. The SWET workshop I led on May 17, 2017 tackled cultural translation for the general reader, considering how to handle the “information gap” between the two kinds of readers with the aim of producing translations that are enticing and easy to follow.

Know Your Audience

The workshop began... more

Member Spotlight

Simon Rowe: An Independent Author’s Journey

Simon Rowe: An Independent Author’s Journey

Simon Rowe is an independent writer who currently resides in the city of Himeji, situated in western Honshu and known for its splendidly preserved Edo-period castle. After 20 years of roving the world as a travel writer, he has turned to penning short fiction and screenplays. He has recently self-published a collection of short stories, Good Night Papa: Short Stories from Japan and Elsewhere. ( link) SWET interviewed Rowe about his writing and self-publishing philosophy.

What was... more

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