Happy New Year from SWET 2018

Here we are, in our 38th year—still here!—a community of writers, editors, translators, teachers, publishers, designers, journalists, proofreaders, copywriters, travel experts, and every combination thereof. We celebrate our heterogeneity and our far-flung membership, brought together by professional engagement with the English word.

May the New Year dawn gently upon your endeavors and carry you safely over the ensuing months, buoyed by the knowledge of birds of your feather, sharing your efforts, concerns, and even your obsessions.

SWET is more than a social media; it is a community and body of expertise accumulated over time that is yours through your membership or shared interest. You can search into its past via the SWET website archive, and you can help build its present and future. You can initiate activities throughout the year. You can contribute to our rich body of Articles and Columns with your writing, editing, or proofreading skills.

You can invigorate our community and enliven engagement with your profession through networking and involvement in SWET.

Best wishes for the coming year!