Kansai: Working with Japanese Translation Agencies

Presenter: Alex Farrell

Date: February 12, 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00–5:00 p.m. (followed by dinner nearby; details to come)
Place: Room 1, TKP Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma Kaigishitsu, Imon-Shijo Bldg, 7F (access map: http://www.kashikaigishitsu.net/facilitys/kg-kyoto-shijokarasuma/access/)
Fee: ¥1,000 SWET/JAT members; 1,500 yen JTF members, 2,500 yen non-members
Reservation and inquiries: SWET Kansai
Contact: SWET Kansai (Please indicate if you are also interested in attending the post-talk dinner.)

Are you looking for translation work in Japan? Although you may have little problem finding opportunities in this market, if you have joined our profession recently then you might be wondering about a few things: Should I work with agencies or find my own clients?  If I work with an agency, how do I keep them happy, maximize my income and maintain the proper relationship with them?  This presentation will cover these topics and more to help you establish professional relationships with Japanese agencies in a manner that is fulfilling and rewarding for both you and these companies. Although this event is primarily geared toward relatively new translators, our more well-traveled colleagues are also welcome to come join and share their own experiences and insights. It will be a great opportunity to boost our collective professionalism to the benefit of us all.

About the presenter: Alex Farrell is a Kyoto-based translator originally from Austin, Texas. After a five-year stint teaching English, he made the jump to freelance translation nine years ago and hasn't looked back since. He considers himself a generalist translator (with the exception of patents). Over that time Alex has fielded inquiries from and/or gone through registration processes with—and occasionally even worked for—over 100 agencies, most of which are located in Japan.