Japan Style Sheet

Japan Style Sheet, Third edition (updated and expanded)

The SWET Guide for Writers, Editors and Translators

Third edition (updated and expanded)

Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators

92 pages, 185 x 228 mm

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A cross-professional guide

Anchor your Japan-related writing and publishing endeavors in tested practices and informed choices. The updated and expanded third edition of the JSS provides authoritative support for translators, editors, writers, and others working with English-language texts concerning Japan.

*** 英文編集40年の熟練プロ集団からのアドバイス ***

・人名は姓が先? それとも後?
・長母音をどう書いたらいい? 地名や固有名詞の表記は?
. . . etc., etc. . . .


Getting Oriented

Transliterating Japanese

  • Romanization Systems
  • Long Vowels
  • N or M: Shinbun or Shimbun?
  • Apostrophes
  • Hyphens

Matters of Style

  • Italics
  • Personal Names
  • Place Names
  • Capitalization
  • Plurals
  • Loanwords
  • Kanji in English Text
  • Quotation Marks
  • Note, Bibliography, and Index Styles


  • Hepburn Orthography
  • Prefectures, Provinces
  • Numbers
  • Units of Measure
  • Imperial Reigns and Historical Eras
  • Modern Era Conversion Chart
  • Principal Periods of Japanese History
  • Further References
  • Internet Resources


See also the dedicated website japanstylesheet.com.

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